These are the current telescopes, or telescopes that own or built

This is the Celestron 11" f/10 on a Losmandy G11 mount.   I usually only set it up for multi-day star parties.  I can't say enough good things about this scope and the mount.  It's also the only telescope and mount combo that I bought.
 This is the Megrez 80 (3") f/5 refractor on a home-made mount.  I bought it initially for a trip to New Mexico, but it has been great for lunar and solar viewing also.  The Messier objects views were far better than I expected with this little scope.  The tube is built like a tank also.
This is the 8" f/4.7 'Fritz' dob.  I made the primary mirror, spider and the scope itself and I'm pretty happy with my first ATM attempt. It's a great wide-field scope with decent light gathering in a fairly short tube form.  Set-up is a snap since there's only two pieces and this has become my one-night-stand scope of choice..   I enjoyed the optics making part of this enough that I'm nearing completion of a 12.5" f/5.2 and have started a 18".
This isn't actually my scope, but I built the tube rings and base, with the help of Paul Kreisle.  The local Astronomy club, SPAC, raffles off a telescope each year as a fund raiser.  The 2005 telescope is a 12.5" f/5.0, remarkably similar to the 12.5" f/5.25 that I'm putting together (see Griffin, below).  This managed to get me volunteered into building the mount for the raffle scope.  Charlie Mullen and Ralph Craig put the tube together.  Right,  is the finished scope.  It's also the prototype for my 12.5".  Just before the scope was raffled off John Dobson signed it.  The scope lived in Georgia.for a while and was recently donated back to the astronomy club where it's used to share the night sky with the public.  
Okay, this one is mine.  It's a 12.5" f/5.25 named 'Griffin'.  it saw first light on February 6th, 2005 - only 3 days before a star party it was attending (ready or not).  Whew!  You will notice that the tube rings are identical to the raffle scope but the base is different to give it it's own character.  As of 2010 more than 2500 people have looked through this telescope.


This is the Maxx telescope without the shrud. It's a 18" f/4.89 Dob that is likely the largest telescope that I will ever make.  It had first Light in February 2010.