The Polar Alignment Scope

(how to use the G-8/11 Polar Alignment scope)

                          1. Roughly align the mount with Polaris (use a compass before dark).

                          2. Rotate the reticule until the UMa and Cas are roughly aligned with the naked eye view.

                          3. Place Polaris in the 'A' position marked above.

                          4. Adjust the view so that the second star is in the 'B' position (for 2000)

                          5. A faint star should be placed in the 'C' position, if seeing permits

This represents my polar scope, yours may vary slightly unless you're in the southern hemisphere where things will be very different.

When My G11 polar scope came in it was missing the LED.  Bummer.  In desperation I used a wide angle LED from Radio Shack.  This one is distinguishable by the tip, which is concave instead of convex.  It fits into the threaded hole for the OEM LED with a slight push.  This was attached to a small adjustable power supply (two AA batteries, resister and a 5K pot)

About six months after the polar scope came in the OEM LED followed.  Since I liked my adjustable brightness set up better I no longer use the battery clip that came with the polar scope, although the threaded LED is nice.


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