The Megrez Solar Filter

Here are the solar filter plans in Acrobat 5 format: Solar Cell Plans

Here are the wooden pieces after sealing.  The one on the left is the front and the one on the right goes over the dew shield (after adding some felt to the inside).  The three rings act as a thick (1/4" oak each) plywood.  They are held together with urethane glue (great stuff!) with the grain of each going in a different direction.  There are five holes for stainless screws that go into the front ring on the other side.

This is the inside before the solar film was installed.  The matte black insert is the cover from a plastic notebook and besides preventing some reflections it is the stop for the dew shield so it doesn't press against the solar film.  To get the wooden rings the right size I cut the hole a little small and used a 1" sanding drum on the drill press to tweak it.

The finished cell on the scope matches the mount and observing chair.  Got Sun?

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